Carbon Emissions

Companies have a social responsibility to ensure that future generations enjoy the beauty of this planet along with the luxury of our progressive lifestyles.

Edenviro biomass have chosen to offset their Carbon emissions by creating Woodland under the Woodland Carbon code (approved by the Forestry Commission standard)

Our site is Benson brook, which is located on the west flank of Clee Hill overlooking Ludlow (Shropshire). The project is converting 0.5 hectares of rough pasture into woodland by planting 1244 trees which will capture 222 tonnes of carbon over their life cycle. The trees will be planted in early 2016 and will include a mixture of Oak, Beech, and Birch. The project will be validated in 2021, it is registered to Markit under the Unique ID: 103000000008782

If you would like us to help you with a similar project please contact us.

Carbon Emission Estimator

Estimate your carbon emission with this simple tools.
Did you know that a single 30m tall tree can absorb as much as 227 kilograms (50 pounds) of carbon dioxide in a year? Which is equivalent to an average car doing 25,787 miles (41,500 kilometres)!

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