Shropshire Sustainable Firewood for Sale

Biomass fuel that doesn’t cost the earth

We have a strong environmental ethos, only supplying solid fuel from sustainably managed forests.

We sell only responsibly sourced and renewable logs, pellets and wood chips

Sustainable Firewood for Sale

Edenviro Biomass sells firewood from well managed woodland. Click below to place your order.


Sustainable Logs for sale

Looking for hardwood firewood for sale? We supply logs from well managed woodlands.



sustainable wood pellet biomass for sale

Please contact us and let us know your requirement. 

Wood Chips

sustainable biomass wood chips for sale
Our chips are produced in Shropshire, they are dried using a renewable source of energy (biogas or wood residues)

About Edenviro Biomass

Edenviro Biomass supplies sustainable firewood in Shropshire. We are on the BSL supplier list for logs and wood chips. 
Visit our Biomass fuel page to find out more about our products and buy online.

Edenviro Biomass are also environmental consultants, who can help with Woodland creation, Tree survey and Tree planting!

Do you own a woodland and would you like to harvest your own wood to use in your Biomass boiler?  We can help you!

We  plant trees to offset our carbon emissions and give our clients and the public the opportunity to join in these projects. Visit out carbon page to find out more and to use our carbon calculator.

 Our mission is to create value out of waste, ultimately leaving a legacy for future generations. We have worked on several case studies, which are explained in our posts on the “News page”. 

Services we offer

Woodland management

We can help woodland owners write management plans for submission to the Forestry Commission, which will allow them to  harvest their timber and claim the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) if they use their own wood for fuel, or they can sell into other markets claiming RHI.

Timber Harvesting

We provide a bespoke timber harvesting service and we ensure that the ground is reinstated afterwards.
The extracted wood can be chipped on site or left in length ready for transport.

Biomass Suppliers Licence (BSL) application

We help clients obtain a BSL licence, which are also required if they are claiming RHI.

Woodland Creation & Carbon calculator

We care about the environment and offset our carbon emissions by investing in carbon sequestered by woodlands. We purchase the sequestered carbon from woodlands which are registered under the Forestry Commission’s Woodland Carbon Code.

Edenviro Biomass  developed a project with the Forestry Commission to plant half a hectare of woodland in South Shropshire. We have overseen this project from its inception and continue to manage the woodland. Check it on the carbon  page.